We kicked off 2014 in Portland, Oregon at Cru Conference, our annual gathering of roughly 500 students from campuses around the northwest. The video above highlights one of the four days where we served the Portland community. The results were astounding.

Below is a promo video from this year's conference theme "Present".
Our first Winter Ball was a success! People braved the single-digit temperatures wearing their classiest attire. Take a look for yourself here!
Our campus sent four Native American students to WJEFcon: Would Jesus Eat Frybread? (And other Native questions about Jesus) hosted in Toppenish, WA at the Yakama Reservation. The conference gathered students from nearly fifty North American tribes to discuss the realities, dreams, and challenges of being a Christian with a First Nations identity.

Our group had a great time and felt like the trip was well worth it. With our campus being a top ten school for Native enrollments in the country, it seems like there would be many opportunities to explore this topic at depth. Cru has a specific ministry contextualized for Native Americans called Nations that we hope would be pioneered and established by Native students and faculty at The University of Montana.